Monodi Prologue

On a Peaceful Planet called ‘Edinu’.

One day, Angco King & his rascal friends have flown to Edinu’ riding comets and they start to disturb everything in Edinu.




Monodi & her friends who were living in Edinu so peacefully  were no longer at peace because of Angco King & his gang.


On top of that, Angco King had blown off all the constellations in the sky making everything pitch-black and made everyone  more sad and miserable!




Cheer up, Monodi! Shall we join our forces to stand against Angco King?

Monodi’s friends, Burubu, Nuo, Puga, Shururi and Codi, all have different personality, but have decided to stand together with Monodi to fight against Angco King and his friends!





Title : Monodi StarCrush

(free 2 play; in-app purchase/ads)

Genre: Puzzle/Match



Game features – Pet


Monodi StarCrush offers a ‘Pet system’. Users are able to obtain various items from them, and also they can be purchased from the shop to assist in accomplishing the mission together. Also, the pets can be obtained for free via ads viewing.


On Give Monodi the very special clothes! Each Monodi’s clothes will have different features.


Uniquely designed clothes to suit many types of users and each clothes’ special features would assist Monodi to progress through the game with more ease. Please gift Monodi a beautiful dress!

Game features – Monodi’s Clothes


Monodi’s stages are made up of 88 constellations in the sky.

Each constellation has 10 stages represented by the stars.


While each stars can be played one by one, multiple stars can be selected at the same time to be played offering different difficulty levels and the rewards. i.e. Users can decide the level of difficulty they would like to play at

Game features – Constellation

Game features – More rewards from SNS


Monodi StarCrush does not only provide the usual heart gifting system via SNS, but offers a little more.


In order to strengthen the playing with friends experience, on top of the heart gifting system, In-game currency, Beans, will be provided which would allow the users to experience this game’s one of the unique feature, Pet system, for free.


i.e. On top of the benefit of Continuity of the play, chances to obtain in-game item will be provided via SNS.


On We hope to bring our users a greater joy and excitement with our continuous commitment.

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